About LiaChan

The founder lived a poor life since childhood, he leaved his hometown and went to Taipei with his second brother for learning spring manufacturing right after Elementary school graduation. The company was established together with his second brother and mother when he was only 18 years old. LiaChan industrial Ltd was originally located at the parking lot place which is right next to today’s “National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts”. LiaChan was starting from “ home foundry” at the beginning in order to keep the head above water. Afterwards, due to the area was planning to be “National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts” at that time, we moved to East District, the so called Rear Station, where the “Empire Sugar Factory Taichung Office” was located during Japanese occupation. Its old name is “ Taichung Sugar Factory”, which bringing significant employment opportunity and migration at the age. Moreover, as the situation across the Taiwan Straits became more stable in the 70s, with the motivation of Taichung Regional Planning, there’s a urban“ Black-handed Hori“, which in the meaning of traditional industry region. Many vendors& store owners are attracted to start business here. Also with the surrounding of government offices, department stores and all kinds of vendors at the front station of Taichung Train Station, the area was extremely prosperous at that time.

LiaChan industrial Ltd always persist to follow 2 purpose : “ Customer-oriented “ & “ Outstanding Product ”. To continue founder’s principle, we insist to use the most stable Piano wire from Germany. And for price-oriented business, we choose MIT Steel wire to maintain the quality. LiaChan always offer the most suitable material with the best technology to meet customer’s needs.


The first time that Hiwin contact us.

At the prior period of LiaChan, the business was awful. At the same time, the R&D of Hiwin contacted us and asked to develop product. Then we accepted decisively. So we complemented each other.

Established former of LiaChan Ltd.

At the parking space of today’s “National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts” ,the former of LiaChan was established together with his second brother and mother when he was only 18 years old. And the founder committed to reaserch manufacturing skills of springs.